Out of the past into the future

Lankhorst│Yarns is the trade name for a subsidiary of the WireCo World Group. Lankhorst Yarns  production, administration and customer service  is located in Portugal, Lankhorst Euronete Portugal  and in our modern equipped factories we  produce our superior quality range PP and Bio twines for the horticultural market:

Horticultural Market

Probably you ever heard of it: - the Town of Glass - the greenhouses in the Westland, an area close to The Hague and the North sea in the Netherlands. Nowadays greenhouses are not only built in that specific part of Holland but all over the world, from Canada to New Zealand. In these greenhouses tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines and courgettes are cultivated. All these growers needs twine to support their plants during the crop.


The new generation greenhouses is a modern high tech industry where professional growers constantly search for new developments. For tomatoes, most of the twine is winded on hooks or small bobbins to reduce labor, make the growth of crops more profitable an increase efficiency. Twine is an essential product and with all of our knowledge and experiences in producing twine, we constantly  search for new developments. Therefore, we are very close involved in different processes, from winding several types of twine on hooks and roller hooks till  the next generation of  compostable twine.

International Exhibition

Lankhorst Yarns exhibit on the Greentech 2016 in Amsterdam, the technical exhibition for Horticulture worldwide. During this exhibition many foreign contacts are being made. Next to that we get a clear view on the demands of the growers regarding the twines to use. For example, a twine which is strong enough to support the crop more than 1 year or demand for bio-degradable/compostable products.