PP Horti Twine

The most regular twine that we are producing for professional growers is polypropelene twine. We are offering ELITEŽ PP Horti Twine and GripoleneŽ PP Carnation Twine. Polypropelene is a very clean thermoplastic polymer and we use this to produce our twine. This twine has the great charactistics that it is strong, smooth and soft.
Twine has to be smooth and soft to increase the user friendliness and prevent to damage the plants during the growth of crop. Only a small damage can bring diseases into the plant and ultimately can lead to a reduction in products. Next to that, the twine also has to fall straight down (free fall) when the hooks are installed in the greenhouse. In tomato crop, twine first has to be winded on galvanised wire hooks before using it. So, the characteristics of the twine (smooth and soft) are also important for company that is winding the twine on hooks. 
The twine, supplied on big spools of 6 or 10 kg., is winded with high speed on hooks or roller hooks without being damaged. It iss therefore that we produce our  from blown film type yarn. We UV stabilize our twine with high quality selected additives to prevent too quick degradation by UV radiation. It depends on which part of the world they use the twine in choosing thickness (type), % of UV stabilizer and/or colour. Our standard type can be used for one season = 1 year maximum.
For longer use the twine has to be extra stabilized. Be aware that the decrease in breaking strength by the continuous load and UV degradation can be 40 till even 60 %!

Download the leaflet of PP Horti twine to get more information about these products.